The aid offered Yemen is getting scarce. The governments are losing interest, while only some organizations together with a few individuals keep on helping.

2. 6. 2020

According to the information disclosed by the UN, the sum dedicated to Yemen is going to be remarkably low this year. Most countries focus on solving their own problems connected with the pandemic, which results in only a few countries being willing to contribute their money on helping Yemen. Therefore, the aid and support of the women and children of Yemen provided by donators and organized by Pomůžu jak můžu gains even greater significance.

Moreover, the financial help coming from the people of the Czech Republic, USA, or United Kingdom to Sabine’s canteen in Sana’a inspire the Yemeni people to help the girls, boys, mothers and grandmas as well. Due to the war, these people have zero chance to earn any money and they starve in the streets, while one hot meal a day means a lot for them.

‘During wartime, every family strives to keep some reserves, either financial or material, yet they would have never turned a person in need down. That is the way it is, still it works just as a one-off assistance for an individual. Thanks to Pomůžu jak můžu the Yemeni people now see how much their help may mean to whole families. They began donating money especially during Ramadan starting on the 24th of April and lasting until the 23rd of May in 2020, and they were very generous to people in need, including our families. Let us name the donators and thank them for their help: Mr Abdullah Ali Al Dailami at first contributed 50,000 YR, and then 200,000 YR. The family of Mr Khalida Rasa offered 10 kilograms of rice and Mr Ezzi Abdo Al Ahwal supported the canteen with 49,600 YR,’ Sabina said (via WhatsApp) about the way Pomůžu jak můžu gained greater significance in terms of helping the people of Yemen.

Thank you! Thank you for all “our” children in need!

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