One disaster follows another one, but we do not yield

3. 6. 2020

The month of June offers a bit calmer atmosphere after a couple of months during which we faced a series of various restrictions raised due to the pandemic. In countries like Yemen, the situation is different though.

"There are just a few sufficiently equipped hospitals. People are dying on daily basis, the number of available tests is very low, the much needed equipment is unavailable, and electricity is an issue too. Personnel refuse to work in hospitals, they are running away, and there is not enough space for graves. We have about 50 lung ventilators as I have been informed, and also a couple of oxygen cylinders. That is it. Although some statistics were conducted, nobody knows the exact numbers of infected people and people who died from Covid-19. People often die at home as they simply cannot go to hospitals, and the situation is worsened also by the fact that the people of Yemen are weakened by malnourishment," Sabina describes the severe conditions in Yemen. "On Sunday 7th of June, the restrictions about curfew and compulsory wearing masks are about to end, still it is not possible to make people abide the regulations in a country where people are living, starving, and overall suffering in the streets. Yemen has been struck by one catastrophe followed by another one since the war has started,” she adds.

People working for Pomůžu jak můžu are at least a bit fortunate. The canteen is operational, and despite the severe conditions, they have enough masks, sanitizers, gloves, and aprons so far. All of the 166 boarders have their daily meals. We strictly follow the rule of keeping the number of people present in the canteen at minimum, so there is always just one cook and one assistant. Khalid or other Sabine’s son then brings anything that is needed, for example enough vegetables for two or three days, gas, and a tank of water. The families tend to send their oldest child to collect the meals which they receive at the door, and without any necessary social contact, they leave.

It is hard to guess the course the situation in Yemen will take in the future. We are doing are best to keep our group of women and children fed. They did not choose to be born in a country devastated by drought, war, and famine, but if we manage to keep them fed, they will be more resistant towards illnesses. The more resources we are able to amass and subsequently use, the less people will be hungry, and moreover, we will be capable of investing it in education, guaranteeing the unfortunate country a brighter future. Just a sum of 480 CZK feeds a person for a month (the sum is higher than it used to be due to inflation and destabilization of currencies).

Thank you!

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