Clothes provided by four mothers made 4,000 CZK. It covers meals for eight people for the whole month.

15. 6. 2020

Four friends, all of them on maternity leave, decided to sort the wardrobes of their children, and once they amassed enough pieces of clothes they children were not wearing anymore, they sent them around the world. Not only were they hoping somebody else would appreciate the clothes, but also they were ready to donate the earned sum of money to Pomůžu jak můžu. The participation was not large, still they managed to gather almost 4,000 CZK which means meals for eight people throughout the whole month.

“We experienced something new and we would love to do it again. It is impossible to send our clothes directly to Yemen, so selling it elsewhere is a way of obtaining money that we can donate to Yemen then. For us, it is an additional source of money we sent to Yemen besides the sum we regularly donate through Pomůžu jak můžu. During September, we are going to hold another sale and you are definitely invited to participate on. We believe that the people who are doing substantially better than the suffering mothers and children in Yemen are capable of raising even larger amount of money,” Martina Neuwirthová, one of the organizers, hopes, while we thank wholeheartedly our friends for the time and money and that they helped Yemen as best as they were able to.

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