The increase of prices is relentless in Yemen

17. 6. 2020

In countries struck by wars, the prices are always rather unstable, and Yemen is not an exception as the most recent incidents have affected mainly the price of oil. 24 ships are being held back in Djibouti and there are bombings in Sanaa as well. The prices are getting higher which hit also the market with gasoline that is distributed on rations and four times more expensive, so not everybody can afford it, and moreover, you have to wait for two days now to even get to buy gasoline. Besides that, the price of the meals for our families increase, too. It used to cost about 300 CZK to feed one person for a whole month, yet the sum is nearing 500 CZK today. This is a plain fact which we have to accept, and we need to believe that we will manage and keep helping also thanks to your support.

Thanks to your generous donations, Sabina has enough recourses to make ends meet in Sanaa until September. The most recent contribution sent by Pomůžu jak můžu was 7,000 € which was donated by people living in Scotland.

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