We are moving!

12. 10. 2020

Although the last news we have provided you with were published in July (or in terms of Facebook in September) we have been very busy recently. After the first wave of floods ruined our kitchen in August, Sabina launched an emergency plan – she started cooking in a temporary space while searching for a new place for establishing the new kitchen. It was not easy to find a spot close to people we take care of, yet in a span of a few weeks we managed to secure a suitable place in a local mosque. The people in there are going to repair it by themselves and they set a special rent for Pomůžu jak můžu, being just a third of its usual amount. The rent then will be spend on helping the people the mosque is taking care of.

Once the reconstruction is completed, we will share some pictures with you, and we look forward to it without losing zest for our cause as Sabine suggests: ‘Girls, the kitchen is doing great so far. We keep cooking under all circumstances as we did during the outbreak of cholera, Covid-19 pandemic, fuel crisis, inflation, rain, and floods.’

And we know it is possible as long as you stay with us. Keep donating, and even though the situation in Europe is complicated as well, together we can help people who are doing worse than us. We are able to feed a person for a month just with 500 CZK – and the whole sum sent by you goes only to Yemen. 

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