Our kitchen has been operational for a whole year

14. 10. 2020

In September, our kitchen has been opened for a whole year. We managed to establish it in Sana’a to feed the hungry people, and down below, you can find the goals we set for ourselves and the way we succeeded in reaching them.

The goals of Pomůžu jak můžu for 2019:

a) To ensure a transparent transaction of finances to Sana’a.

Between June 2019 and December 2019 an amount of 390 000 CZK was transferred to Sana’a.

b) To secure a suitable place for a kitchen, including all aspects necessary for its function (recourses, personnel, energies, material) and supervising the food serving. The kitchen provides food for people in need, approved by the City Hall, and the whole organization operates there only thanks to the local community of people.

c) To ensure that the people in need receive one hot meal per day. The number of people we can take care of depends on our current financial situation. In 2019 and also during 2020, we provide meals for 166 people.

d) To inform public about the situation in Yemen, about tourism, natural beauty, Yemeni people, crafts, and handmade products, using the power of social networks, our media partners, and web page.

In 2019 we focused mainly on providing information on the ongoing conflict in Yemen and its impact on the society from the humanitarian point of view. For 2020 and 2021, we have been planning to extend the influx of information according to our goals in the preceding paragraph, providing more details on our work in Yemen, ensuring our donators would better understand its importance, and also helping the public to get to know the people working on both the Czech and the Yemeni side of our organization.

e) To launch a cooperation with relevant non-governmental institutions both in the Czech, Yemen, and also in the whole world.

We have launched cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Czech Republic, and we plan to have a discussion with two organizations, namely Integra and Mary’s Meals. 

f) To drop the nylon bags and replace them with boxes and launch a course with an aim in motivating people to use them. There is an ecological benefit in it as the boxes are reusable and easily washable. Each of our families will receive one tinny box as soon as the kitchen is opened, and then they will be handed their meals in them, and the families who keep bringing the boxes (and cease forgetting them at home) will be included in a raffle to win an additional food package. 

We have managed to bring this project to fruition.

g) To employ the locals and let them earn money.

Throughout the whole year, our organization provided four locals with these jobs – a cook, an assistant, a project manager, and a kitchen manager.

The goals we set for ourselves for 2019 have been reached, and moreover, we succeeded in convincing the local Yemeni people not only in Sana’a to donate some money as well. Our friends who supervise the project in Sana’a managed to navigate through the disastrous conditions connected with Covid-19 in Yemen and kept the kitchen operational despite strict restrictions. We consider all of the above mentioned to be a grand success of people who work for our project and support it.  

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