An online fitness in Germany that supports a canteen project for starving people

22. 2. 2021

Last week we received an email from our friend in Berlin. Some time ago, she decided to start a support in Germany, where she lives, for people in Yemen. She even engaged her husband, whose online fitness lessons may have been auctioned off to some of you. Now Martina and her husband Gabrielle have decided to use online fitness again. How? Read this article to see how Martina Teschnarova personally describes it.

Hi, this Saturday (13.2) me and my husband organized our first online fitness training donations through Zoom. The occasion was Saint Valentine. The last time I had already posted a short project on the Gofundme.com platform which we used as a channel for this fundraising. Advertising was done through our own contacts, friends, and acquaintances. We had very limited options. It was a big step into the unknown because I had no idea how many people would sign up and if we would be able to reach out to people and persuade them enough to make them support our cause. Because if you want to raise money in Germany, you have to offer something in return. That is why online exercise seemed very sensible. Since the first lockdown, we have been exercising online, and Gábi also has it as one of his jobs. So, we were able to connect it together smoothly. At the beginning, I briefly presented the project, and then we started working out. In this way we were able to collect an incredible 575 euros for Sabina’s canteen! There were around 18 people (including both of us) and I have to say that I am very happy with how the whole event went!!

We are also feeling great happiness and gratitude! For the fact that Martina and Gabi’s initiative was successful. For the fact that more people now know about Sabina’s cantees. And also for the fact that even small actions can do big things, which is something we all in Pomůžu jak můžu believe in.

Thank you Martina, Gabriel, and everybody else who helps as much as they can.


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