April, May and June were months of giving more

1. 7. 2021

Thanks to the donations of our supporters, we are able not only to cook for 166 diners, but also to collect food, clothes, and other necessities for other people in need outside of our organization. ‘It is a great feeling of happiness and gratitude that our project, which is financed primarily by the Czech Republic, also motivates people in Yemen to donate what they can. It can be money, but also food, clothes, and toys. It either happens spontaneously or during some traditional holidays like Ramadan.” Describes Sabina Addailamy, the main initiator of our project.

So, what exactly did we manage to do? On the 17 April Pomůžu jak můžu gave 80 food packages to people in need, families and single parents with disabled, blind children, or children born with congenital defects. Each package contained 10 kilos of flour, 10 kilos of sugar, 10 kilos of rice, and 2 litres of oil, which together make 2400 kilos of flour, rice, sugar, and 160 litres of oil. 30 packages were donated by an anonymous local donor.

It is at least some help, especially since there is also no medication for these children at the moment. One big complication was also transporting all this material to the distribution center, which is a few kilometers away from our canteen. But everything worked out and Sabina started preparing another ‘extra’ project for our organization, distributing clothes and toys to children in our canteen. Throughout the whole spring, people who still had something extra were bringing them to the canteen and yesterday we finally were able, after various restrictions, to give them to the children. Each child received juice and biscuits, which is a real luxury for most of them at this time in Yemen. “I believe that this type of care can be a symbol for these children that there is hope somewhere. And right now, having that symbol is the most important thing, “adds Sabina. We tried to capture the joy of the children in photos, which you can find here.


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