A certificate with an original Yemeni recipe. One true gift for Christmas that makes more than one person happy

14. 12. 2021

Pomůžu jak můžu is again offering a Certificate of Donation. Buy a good deed for your loved ones. Help the children, to whom others have turned their backs, whom the war took their homes, families, and food. If you donate food for a month or two, for one child or their mothers, or the whole family, we will send you an original Certificate of Donation. As a bonus, you will receive one of the Yemeni irresistible recipes. At least you will be able to taste the delicious food that is currently almost impossible to get for most of the Yemeni people.

The certificate along with the recipe makes a great gift. And you can be assured that this one won’t be returned on the Boxing Day. You will give food for a month to children in Yemen, where the war is still terrible. You will know you did your good deed.

How to do it? Write us an email at info@pomuzujakmuzu.cz specifying whether you want to donate 500 CZK, 1 000 CZK or 1 500 CZK. Then send the money to our transparent bank account with the reference „CERTIFICATE“. The moment the money appears on our transparent bank account, we will send you your certificate. The certificates are only in the electronic version.  

Thank you for helping people who need generosity not only during Christmas.


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