You have given food and hope to more than 150 people. Meet Zahra, who’s one of them

30. 10. 2019

One of the families that can feed their children thanks to your help is the family of Zahra Abdo Sa’adi. As you know from our previous posts, when we mention our clients’ families, hardly any of them are complete. Most of our clients are women without husbands with their children and grandchildren. Usually, more of these families gather together to be able to help each other out. That is the case of Zahra as well, who has been involved in our project since the very beginning.

Zahra has 6 children and shares her household with two other women, one of them has 5 kids, the other has 9 kids. 23 people live in three rooms and share one bathroom. They have fled to Sanaa from Al Hudaydah because they have lost everything during one of the attacks. One of Zahra’s daughters has two small children, a boy called Zain and a girl called Rowan. Let us introduce you to them! You can find their photos in the photo gallery. Everybody in this household is trying to help whichever way they can. Three of the girls in Zahra’s household are lucky and found a job cleaning houses in their neighbourhood. Even though the wage is very low with this money, they can buy medicaments needed for one of the girls. She is 16 years old and has had heart problems since birth. She should be taking three different medications daily. However, the family can afford those pills only once every two or three months. If we manage to get all of the members of this household into our Pomůžu, jak můžu project and feed all of the three families, they will have some extra money to use for the pills. This is the impact we intend to make. It is the impact that you make possible to happen. Thank you for that.


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