First day of cooking - a little bit of a mess but mainly happiness, gratitude and joy at the beginning of a long journey. Thank you!

4. 9. 2019

Today marks exactly a year since we have first met up and discussed how to support Sabina’s project of helping her neighbours in a hopeless situation, hungry, desperate people whos resources are close to zero. A project showing that despite everything else has failed, even the otherwise strong mechanisms of the world, there is still personal responsibility of us all, humanity and belief that each of us can help at least a little.

None of the existing organisations and projects wanted to support Sabina. That’s why we have started Pomůžu, jak můžu with all the bureaucracy required. After six months have passed we have gathered enough resources to be able to fund the first months of operation of the canteen. We have sent 300 000 CZK to Yemen and we have started the process of choosing the families to be fed in our canteen and their registration, purchasing necessary cooking equipment, other goods, energies, water and everything else that can be found in our reports.

Today, on the 4th of September 2019, Sabina and her family along with the cook have made the first meal to be served to 145 people from 25 families. 20 kg of rice, 12,5 kg of potatoes, 2,5 kg of onion, 5 kg of vegetables (carrots, courgettes, aubergine, green beans, tomatoes, and parsnip) have been cooked.

Many thanks to you all from Czechia, the USA, Greece and many other countries all around the world, who have donated money to our project.

All that motivates us to keep going and try harder is just a little drop in the sea, the beginning of a long journey. However, it becomes clear how little is needed to help people believe again and give them at least a drop of hope. 2 dollars a day and one family can get a warm dinner.


Join us, so that we can continue helping people in Yemen!

Set monthly payments from your account - 333 CZK can feed one person for the whole month. That counts!

Bank Account number (CZK): 2701537846/2010

Bank Account number (EUR): 2301537847/2010

Crowdfunding:  darujme.cz »»»


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