Message from Sabina

4. 9. 2019

Our dear friends, many of you have read a screenshot of Sabina’s WhatsApp messages from the first day in the canteen. We want to share them here as well. It is an authentic message that cannot be replaced by any transcription. It is full of gratitude that we cannot thank you enough for it.

Hey girls, I’m thinking of you. Today was great but slightly messy. The first thing to fail was the veggie delivery. It was veggies for one day and a supply of onion for three days. My son didn’t really estimate what we need and just took whatever there was. No biggie, we’ll go over the maths with them once more tonight. Some folks weren’t sure where the canteen is exactly and so they came to my house. My second son was picking them up and driving them to the canteen. Everybody was super impatient today so we gave away all the food by noon. The lady with leukemia is sick, so my son offered to deliver her lunch to her house every day (N.B. - the old shop that this lady lives in with her disabled husband and children consists of one room. You can find the photos in our gallery). We’re uploading all the photos right now, stay tuned!

Tomorrow will run smoothly. I hope. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

PS: when my son has delivered the lunch for the lady with leukemia, she kept praying for at least 15 mins, begging God to give us all health and other lovely wishes.


Received 4.9.2019, 14.03

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“And also, the metal plates were a huge success! My boys and my husband were explaining to people how unhealthy it would be to serve warm food on plastic plates or to keep water in a plastic bottle in the sun. Then they went on with how long it takes for disposable plates to decompose. Well, I’ll keep reminding them about this too.

 Everybody here is so grateful! We keep telling them that all the help comes from you from the Czech Republic !!!! They are actually melting, saying foreigners like them better than their own nations, they are so incredibly grateful so I have to promise to tell you that they are sending you all the love and so on. I need to film this for you, Dada will translate it, we’ll upload it with subtitles on our website. They are literally wishing you all the good in the whole world, everything they can think of and it takes ages to name all the nice stuff they wish for you.

Me, Khaled and the kids are also very grateful for this opportunity…”

Received 4.9.2019, 17:10

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