Cook lunch in Yemen from your home - we will introduce you to those, who we cook for

7. 9. 2019

We are getting together stories of people whom we help together with you. Not everyone happy to have their photos taken, especially women. But mutual trust is slowly being built. “Women usually don’t want my husband or my sons to take a photo of them. I need to talk to them, the girl-to-girl chat is more comfortable for them. Some families only send their children to collect their daily lunch. However, we are now mainly focused on cooking, deliveries and having all the papers for the financial control in order. It is a new activity for all of us and everybody needs to familiarise themselves with it first, we need to get into the routine and once we get used to it we will have more time for other activities. But we are all very pleased with this project so far and I know we are on the right path. For now, my family and I spend every day in the kitchen from 9 AM. We prepare the lunch with our cook and by 1 PM everybody gets their portion. When everything gets cleaned and ready for the next day it is nearly 3 PM. We need to manage all this with other responsibilities we have, but nonetheless, it is incredibly fulfilling to be able to help others,” says moved and still slightly nervous Sabina about the first days after the canteen opening in her WhatsApp message.

And she continues: “There is one older lady from Al Hudaydah (a town that is ruined today, the harbour bombed) among our clients. She had to flee from once beautiful harbour cca 250 km from Saana last year. Her name is Alia Sharat. She has six children, three girls, three boys. She is incredibly organised. She lives with her kids in a rented room not far away from us. She is so grateful, we reached out to her mainly because of her kids. Another of our clients is Saida Al Zubaida. She is blind and has four children. I’d also like to introduce you to Amina Yahia, whose daily lunch is being delivered to her house. I will eventually gather all of the stories of the families we help so that everybody who supports Pomůžu, jak můžu can get to know them and maybe even, as they say, adopt them,” says Sabina.

Please, keep on helping with us. It is worth it. Now, the biggest challenge is ahead of us. We have just managed to start the project. Now, we need to keep it going. Support Sabina and all our friends in Sanaa, give them the strength to continue even in the hostile conditions they find themselves at.


Join us, so that we can continue helping people in Yemen!

Set monthly payments from your account - 333 CZK can feed one person for the whole month. That counts!

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