15 people, women and mainly kids, living in a hole, dark and damp. You can give them some hope

20. 9. 2019

Our clients, as you already know, are vulnerable people in need. Those are especially women and children. As we have promised, we will introduce you to them all. Today, meet Alia Abdullah Sharat. She comes from Zabeed, one of the eldest cities in Yemen, which is on the UNESCO Heritage List, today in ruins. Alia has 6 children, 3 girls, 3 boys. Her husband has died before the war even started.

2 of her daughters were married, today they are divorced and live with their mother. Each of them has 3 children. The eldest of the daughters Fowzia is lucky, she works as a cleaning lady. Her wage only covers the rent. The second daughter babysits all of the children. The third sister is unwell, she can’t walk. Alia’s eldest son has passed. She now takes care of his two kids. They are 10 and 12 years old. All fifteen members of this family share one room. They have one extra room where the toilet is. And a tiny backyard. Fowzia’s income is the only financial support the family can get on their own at the moment. They have nowhere to cook their food if they manage to get some on the street. So far we have managed to give them at least a lunch a day, which gives them at least some stability and security. Sabina visits them regularly.

“My girls, every time I come back from a visit at Alia’s, it takes me at least two hours to get back to normal. If you’d only see the room, it is a hole, not a room. Dark, damp, hideous! And all of their income only goes towards the rent. I am on the edge of tears. On one hand, I feel terrible, I live in such a comfort yet I am constantly complaining. I often find myself struggling, almost reaching my limits. But I will not give up. I need to toughen up a bit and take some photos so that you can see the terrible conditions that people live in here. I was totally paralysed today,” writes Sabina in our WhatsApp chat, she lives in the middle of the war, yet she feels like she has all the comfort.

Stay with us and help people, especially children, who suffer but have no chance to help themselves on their own.


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