We are waiting in queue for the gas days and nights, but we are back on the road

10. 10. 2019

We would like to inform you about financing and funding in our project. In June, we have transferred 13 192 USD to Yemen, and an extra 750 USD was donated by Irena from the US. Sabina has started with 13 942 USD. 3 000 USD was used for the equipment of the kitchen and canteen, you can see that documented in our previous photos. We have saved 400 USD because of early purchased energies (gas). To this date, on the 10th of October 2019, we have 8 342 USD on our bank account. That will allow us to run the canteen for a maximum of the next 4 months. If the situation with Saudi Arabia does not worsen.

 After attacks on Saudi oil refineries, Saudi Arabia has been attacking Yemen back. Those affect the innocent civilians, vulnerable groups such as women, children and the elderly, the most. As Sabina describes in her messages sent to us through WhatsApp: “After the attacks on oil refineries in Saudia, there is a constant risk of shortages of gas and oil. There are limits on gas purchases: 40 litres per one car per week. Or you can get gas on the black market which costs 20 000 YR for 20 litres. To save some money, my son has been waiting in a queue for gas from 3 PM until 10 AM the next day. They will take turns with my other son until the situation gets better. If it ever gets better. This all also means that prices for food are rising. For example, butter Lupart used to be for 250 YR. Now it costs 2 000 YR.” The current exchange rate for Yemeni Rial is 100 YR = 9.3605 CZK.

Join us, so that we can continue helping people in Yemen!

Set monthly payments from your account - 333 CZK can feed one person for the whole month. That counts!

Bank Account number (CZK): 2701537846/2010

Bank Account number (EUR): 2301537847/2010

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