What is cooking with Mojahed Mohammed Al Bayadhi // Our cook Mojahed Mohammed Al Bayadhi

12. 10. 2019

Let us introduce you to another member of our team working in Yemen, Mr. Mojahed Mohammed Al Bayadhi, helping cook. For the last 30 years, he has been working in restaurants. He has 12 children.

It is wonderful that we can allow him to take better care of his family. Every day, he, Sabina and her family are trying hard to get all the vegetables for cooking such as tomatoes, aubergine, peppers or onions, usually with rice on the side. It is tricky to get some chicken and provide more proteins in our food for our clients. We are trying to supplement the proteins with beans if they are available on the market. Many thanks for your help and support, and greetings to our team in Sanaa whom we cannot thank enough for the job they are doing.


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