Sabina along with her friends start clothes collection and give it to clients of our canteen

14. 10. 2019

As we have successfully managed to start our canteen thanks to your help, we can now expand on some other activities such as clothes collection. “My family and our friends are sorting out their wardrobes and by the end of the week, we will display all the clothes that we’ve gathered in the canteen and our clients will be able to choose whatever items they need. We are also collecting toys for kids. Most of the families are usually sending their children to collect their daily lunch, so a little toy would be a great reward for these little helpers,” writes Sabina. Thanks to financial support from you all (it is quite impossible to help otherwise when Yemen is so far away) we can give people not only a daily portion of a warm lunch but also a little bit of joy.


Join us, so that we can continue helping people in Yemen!

Set monthly payments from your account - 333 CZK can feed one person for the whole month. That counts!

Bank Account number (CZK): 2701537846/2010

Bank Account number (EUR): 2301537847/2010

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