Meet the women you’re helping

18. 2. 2020

Once again, women – mothers of many children, Saida Sulaiman Al Zaidi is a mother of five.

Nawal Abdullah Al Zaidi has four children and Fatima Said Hassan is a mother of two expecting the third one.

They all come from the city of Tahaita, close to Hodaida. They’ve left their homes because of constant fear and danger they and their children were facing. They were hoping for any help in Sanaa. And thanks to you all, they have found it. Saida and Nawal are middle-aged widows. Fatima’s husband is in the army. He’s been away for the past six months.

She has no news from him, unsurprisingly. These three women are sharing a place to live as many others do. They live in two small rooms, with all their children, which makes it 14 people altogether. You can find photos of Fatima’s daughter Salma in the gallery. Another woman who can receive some aid thanks to you, is Ragiba Obeid from Zabid, a town close to Hodaidah. Her husband has died of cholera last year. Ragiba has found shelter with our dear Alia Abdullah Sharat which we’ve already introduced to you. Ragiba has 4 children aged 3-10.  Her oldest sons are still begging on the streets, but we believe that we will be able to help them to get rid of this survival necessity and provide them more thanks to your support.

Thank you for your help!


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