Clothes collection continues

20. 2. 2020

As we have informed you before, Sabina and her family are also trying to collect clothes from those who can afford to donate. They have managed to collect two big boxes by now. “It seems that this time, boys will be happy! Our sons have managed to collect the most. Sami is still growing and when and in times of plenty, he had lots of clothes. Now it comes handy! Khalid has also added a few pieces, and the rest are clothes donated by my friends. Wife of my cousin has sent lots of baby stuff,” says Sabina about the collection. They’ve managed to collect some toys as well. “They’re not of high quality, but children are grateful for anything. We are planning to make an even bigger collection of clothes and toys soon,” says Sabina.

If we manage to get enough funds to ensure a smooth sailing running of our canteen, we could then focus on spreading our help further. Not only by clothes collections and donations but also through courses for mothers at war. We aim to donate food as well as time. Teach them how to communicate with their children, how to create a sense of normalness in their everyday life which seems hopeless. Thanks to your help, we are steadily building up to this goal.


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