Tomáš and Lucie have donated 100 000 CZK to women and children in Yemen

21. 2. 2020

By the end of last year, we’ve all been left breathless when we received a donation of 100 000 CZK. A few days after that, the donators have contacted us and wanted to meet up in person to learn more about our project. And so we have met and we wanted to tell you about our lovely meeting in a little bit more detail. We wanted to share with you, who they are, which company they own. But they’ve refused. They are incredibly normal, but also modest and inspirational. This is at least something we can share with you all:

It was great to feel the support they give to many charity organisations. “Pomůžu jak můžu” is not the only charity they’ve helped. There are many of them, some of them focused on helping in Czechia. It was incredible to meet up in person with people who, as much as you do, understand the complexity of the world. It was a meeting with young people who have young children, a married couple whose company is prospering. They do not hesitate to donate quite some of their free time and money. “We do it because those people need help and we have more than enough, so we are obliged to help others. We’ve travelled around the world, we’ve lived in poor developing countries for quite long but we’ve spent some time in beautiful parts of Southeast Asia as well. We know the misery of those areas and we know that we are now lucky enough to be able to give something of our profits. But it is not entirely on our own merits. I’ve always been fascinated by a story of an Indian man, who emigrated from his country, he got rich but he has never forgotten his mother who was raising 4 kids alone, she was earning less than the family needed but yet she’d always put some money aside for those who had even less,” said Tomáš to us.

We feel that he was speaking for all of us who help and you who donate to those who are in much worse conditions than any of us. The vast majority of poor starving people did not choose to live that way. Being born into a war conflict is not their fault neither could they change the turnout of natural disasters. The long history of their country being devasted lies on their shoulders, but it was never their fault. They are not to be responsible for the brain drain, for those who fled to find a better living elsewhere. Very often, those are the people who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time and they have no chance to change things to better on their own merits. But we can.

Thanks to all of you who help as much as you can!


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