Support from the USA and Yemen

16. 3. 2020

Regardless of the current challenging situation, you have not forgotten about children in Yemen. Many thanks to all who made a contribution to our project, the list of contributors can be found at darujem.cz as well as a tour transparent account. Some of the names cannot be found there, one of them is Ms. Irena Alexander from the US. She lives in Arizona where she used to live as a nurse. She has met many Yemeni friends at her work and she fell in love with Yemen as her friends talked about the country. Her dream was to visit the country. Her plans were ruined as the war is still rambling. She stays in touch with her Yemeni friends and helps as she can. Last year, she has transferred 750 USD to Sabina, yesterday, she has transferred 700 USD more. Sabina would also like to thank for the donation from Abdullah Ali Ad Dailami who has supported the canteen with 100.000 YER.


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