Canteen still in operation despite the current situation

2. 4. 2020

The current coronavirus outbreak has impacted Yemen as well. However, Sabina and her team are unstoppable! „Schools and some institutions that were open before are now closed. Everything is closed. So far, there has been no positive case of coronavirus reported, but everybody is trying to buy masks and protective gloves. Despite all that, our canteen is still open to our clients. We’ve bought some masks for our cooks. Unfortunately, the box with masks was slightly damaged and resealed when delivered. The delivery was slightly more expensive but still cheaper than now. Today the price for 50 masks is 25.000 YER, and God knows how much higher the price can increase. We’ve bought some extra Dettol and two Corrol Original Sprays. We’re trying to disinfect everything. Public gatherings are banned, so we are glad that our clients come individually one after another without overcrowding the kitchen. Here I send you some photos from these days,“ says Sabina on WhatsApp. You can find the photos in our gallery. This shows much strength these people have, in a country where the war has been rambling for over 5 years and no resolution seems to be anywhere close in the future. They have been suffering for longer than the rest of the world, they know that there is no escape but solidarity and community. Maybe we can learn something from people in Yemen.

So before we go back to the re-opened shopping centres, let’s support those who are living in way worse conditions than we are for way longer than us. Less than 500 CZK is enough to feed one person in Yemen for the whole month. Many thanks to Sabina who holds up the project even in these challenging times. Many thanks to you all who are still supporting our project!


Join us so that we can continue delivering hope and food to those who need it the most!

Set up a monthly payment – 481 CZK is enough to feed one person a month. That counts!

Bank account (CZK): 2701537846/2010

Bank account (EUR): 2301537847/2010

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