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21. 2. 2020

By the end of last year, we’ve all been left breathless when we received a donation of 100 000 CZK. A few days after that, the donators have contacted us and wanted to meet up in person to learn more about our project. And so we have met and we wanted to tell you about our lovely meeting in a little bit more detail. We wanted to share with you, who they are, which company they own. But they’ve refused. They are incredibly normal, but also modest and inspirational. This is at least something we can share with you all:

20. 2. 2020

As we have informed you before, Sabina and her family are also trying to collect clothes from those who can afford to donate. They have managed to collect two big boxes by now. “It seems that this time, boys will be happy! Our sons have managed to collect the most. Sami is still growing and when and in times of plenty, he had lots of clothes. Now it comes handy! Khalid has also added a few pieces, and the rest are clothes donated by my friends. Wife of my cousin has sent lots of baby stuff,” says Sabina about the collection. They’ve managed to collect some toys as well. “They’re not of high quality, but children are grateful for anything. We are planning to make an even bigger collection of clothes and toys soon,” says Sabina.

18. 2. 2020

Once again, women – mothers of many children, Saida Sulaiman Al Zaidi is a mother of five.

Nawal Abdullah Al Zaidi has four children and Fatima Said Hassan is a mother of two expecting the third one.

They all come from the city of Tahaita, close to Hodaida. They’ve left their homes because of constant fear and danger they and their children were facing. They were hoping for any help in Sanaa. And thanks to you all, they have found it. Saida and Nawal are middle-aged widows. Fatima’s husband is in the army. He’s been away for the past six months.

30. 1. 2020

Even though the costs of groceries and energies have risen due to an acute situation in Yemen, it is still an amount (481 CZK) that most of us would not miss in our monthly budgets. This is the money we need to feed one child or his mother for the whole month, one warm meal a day. And what meal is it? “We usually don’t buy meat as it is expensive and hard to get. But we are trying to serve nutritious meals to our clients. We gain proteins from legumes. We add lots of veggies, rice, potatoes, and some spices. Everything is locally sourced,” says Sabina. And what else is needed to run the canteen? “Well, everything you would need in any other canteen and kitchen but we are trying to get those in very different conditions. We buy water and gas, prices for both are rising. We have to pay for rent. We also need disinfection and cleaning products, sponges to do the dishes. Knives, ladles, pots, that all we have managed to get during the first purchases before opening the canteen.” Sabina explains.

27. 1. 2020

Those of you who are checking our transparent bank account must have noticed that we have sent more money to Sanaa. This time, it added up to 240 000 CZK which makes it (as of today’s exchange rates) 10 526 USD. This money secures one warm meal a day to our children and women for the next three months, until the end of April 2020.

17. 1. 2020

Do you know of any humanitarian canteen which could boast with a cook who used to be a translator of French literature? Indeed, that is Pomůžu jak můžu canteen. Mister Haza’a A. A. Alzagheer has been with us since the opening of our canteen. He is an army veteran and has many children, that we have already told you. However, everybody has their story hidden deeper inside which cannot be uncovered during the first encounter.

14. 1. 2020

Since September 2019 we have cooked 20 584 meals for 166 children, mothers and elderly all thanks to your generous contributions. Together, we can help the individual that needs help the most. Today, we bring you a personal story of one of them. We are sorry it took us so long to present to you another of our clients, unfortunately, the Internet connection in Yemen was slow for the past few days. Due to this, we had problems receiving text messages on WhatsApp from Sabina, it was almost impossible to send photos. Finally, we have managed and here we bring you the photos and the story:

20. 12. 2019

On Thursday, 19. 12., Ezzi Abdo Al-Ahwal has visited our “Pomůžu jak můžu” canteen in Sanaa. Mister Al-Ahwal is in charge of the Czech consulate in Sanaa. He has promised to help our project and to spread the word to his friends so that they can help as well. Many thanks.

18. 12. 2019

To lighten somebody’s burden is rewarding, not only it teaches you a lot, but it also changes you. By the end of November, we have sent 90 000 CZK to Sabina to run the canteen in Sanaa. The overall amount of 390 000 CZK will cover the costs until the end of January. Thanks to your support, we are already collecting more money to be sent to the canteen. Women, children and the elderly in Sanaa are thus not left alone in the middle of war conflict. Moreover, they at least get one warm meal a day, some clothes or a toy. And the determination to continue is best heard in this interview with Sabina, which was done by one of our supporters Anna Rousková. The interview will soon be published online:

17. 12. 2019

Help the children, to whom others have turned their backs, whom the war took their homes, families, and food. If you donate food for a month or two, for one child or their mothers, or the whole family, we will send you an original Certificate of Donation. As a bonus, you will receive one of the Yemeni irresistible recipes. At least you will be able to taste the delicious food that is at the moment almost impossible to get for most of the people of Yemen.

16. 12. 2019

We are very grateful for all the contributions made to our work in Yemen. Every donation is incredibly meaningful regardless of the amount. However, one type of donation is especially unique for us at Pomůžu jak můžu. That is because donators, in this case, are pupils, young people from class 9B of Česká ves secondary school.

3. 12. 2019

In the magazine of the English Church in Corfu, you can find an article about our project written by Pavla Smetanová. Pavla is the most generous of our donators for not only she regularly contributes financially, but also she dedicates so much of her time and energy to Pomůžu jak můžu. “I was blessed to be born in Central Europe and to live in Corfu now, it is nothing I fought for, it is a game of luck and incredible gift. And since I was lucky enough, trying to help others is the least I can do,” says Pavla Smetanová about her motivation to help. And she shares her story with her Greek friends who have also generously contributed to our project.


29. 11. 2019

Pavla has been with our project since the beginning, you might have notice her at our auction. She has now started a challenge for donors. Pavla lives in Corfu for over 20 years, she is married and has her family there. Living in Corfiot paradise might be the reason why Pavla never forgets to share with those who were not as lucky. Moreover, Sabina and Pavla are classmates from high school. We would like to thank Pavla and everybody who supports us!


28. 11. 2019

This afternoon two of our secretaries, Taťána Boháčová and Šárka Mokrá have visited a chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security in Senate, Pavel Fischer.

“We have presented our project of humanitarian aid in Yemen and asked for a consultation about further support. We believe that thanks to chairman’s helpful we will be able to move our project forward,” said after the meeting Šárka Mokrá.


27. 11. 2019

Today we have a lovely video for you from our canteen. It is very short, but you can hear Sabina’s voice and her speaking in Czech. You can also see her son Samih (wearing a shirt) and the man squatting is Sabina’s husband Khaled. Both are of incredible help for the canteen. Some of our clients, children, and adults, you already know from our previous little reports. The fact that they smile for at least a little while has been made possible by your generous donations. You have incredible power to help others, so please do so! You can help by monthly donations which you can set as a monthly payment from your bank account in less than 2 minutes. Or donate just one time, every little helps. We are happy to send you a certificate for tax reduction.


26. 11. 2019

As a part of the project: “A heart given with love” pupils from Česká Ves have chosen to support our project Pomůžu jak můžu and help their peers in Yemen. They don’t know their language, either their culture, nor will they ever meet. Nevertheless, Czech pupils want to help those abandoned by others, those who suffer in a war that has taken away their homes, families, and food. As a part of their project, Czech pupils will make little hearts which they will then sell at the school Christmas markets. All their profit will be sent to our transparent bank account. Apart from that, we have gifted them a little bowl, designed and made by a student from Báňská University, Dušan Svoboda, who has donated this art piece to our organisation. Exactly 333 CZK can fill up this bowl – that is the price for one food a day per person for the whole month! How much can one little bowl mean for others!


24. 11. 2019

We have arranged another money transfer for Friday. This morning the Western Union bank has confirmed that money has been sent to Yemen. Now we have to wait until Sabina can withdraw the money. A trivial process can turn into dreadful procedures in a country where war is bursting. We will keep you updated.

19. 11. 2019

„We can get some food from our neighbours, you know. They can afford it now, so here we are giving you back our lunch boxes and please give them to someone who needs it more than us,“ said one of our clients. Such solidarity and generosity which comes from those who have so little is breathtaking and very moving.


17. 11. 2019

More people are joining our canteen „Pomůžu jak můžu“ right in Sanaa. Help from Czechia in Yemen is no longer „only“ one meal a day. Thanks to Sabina Addailay our project inspires more people in Sanaa who are helping right where it is needed. Friends of Sabina, who have the resources, are collecting clothes and donating them to our clients. They also donate toys for the kids, and they help in the kitchen or they buy some groceries. Everybody helps the best way they can. You and Sabina made this possible, your action was of great inspiration for others. Thank you all!

13. 11. 2019

166 – that’s the number of our clients. All of them have been left alone without support, we are trying to help them, to give them the strength to face the war, the famine and the hopelessness. We kindly ask you to keep supporting them. Setting up monthly payments for 333 CZK takes less than two minutes and you can do it easily through (this link). The amount donated is up to you, up to your resources, every little helps. Everybody counts, every donation helps real people. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@pomuzujakmuzu.cz  if you need a confirmation letter of your donation before the end of this year.

With this motto in mind, our project Pomůžu, jak můžu has joined the international Giving Tuesday. You can find our project on this website.

Giving Tuesday, the international day of giving, supports people in doing good deeds every day. The campaign is held all around the world on the first Tuesday after the Thanksgiving and crazy celebration of consumerism on Black Friday. This year, Giving Tuesday will be on the 3rd of December, opening the period of Christmas charities.

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