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10. 11. 2019

With this motto in mind, our project Pomůžu, jak můžu has joined the international Giving Tuesday. You can find our project on this website.

Giving Tuesday, the international day of giving, supports people in doing good deeds every day. The campaign is held all around the world on the first Tuesday after the Thanksgiving and crazy celebration of consumerism on Black Friday. This year, Giving Tuesday will be on the 3rd of December, opening the period of Christmas charities.

9. 11. 2019

Charity Integra (www.integra.sk) is part of international humanitarian help alliance Integra Alliance. They are focused on the coordination of help in different parts of the world. The experts from Integra have shared their experience with us, we have talked about their activities in Yemen and our project. Education in the field of humanitarian help is part of our volunteering job. We are grateful to our colleagues from Slovakia!


Join us, so that we can continue helping people in Yemen!

Set monthly payments from your account - 333 CZK can feed one person for the whole month. That counts!

Bank Account number (CZK): 2701537846/2010

Bank Account number (EUR): 2301537847/2010

Crowdfunding:  darujme.cz »»»


30. 10. 2019

One of the families that can feed their children thanks to your help is the family of Zahra Abdo Sa’adi. As you know from our previous posts, when we mention our clients’ families, hardly any of them are complete. Most of our clients are women without husbands with their children and grandchildren. Usually, more of these families gather together to be able to help each other out. That is the case of Zahra as well, who has been involved in our project since the very beginning.

14. 10. 2019

As we have successfully managed to start our canteen thanks to your help, we can now expand on some other activities such as clothes collection. “My family and our friends are sorting out their wardrobes and by the end of the week, we will display all the clothes that we’ve gathered in the canteen and our clients will be able to choose whatever items they need. We are also collecting toys for kids. Most of the families are usually sending their children to collect their daily lunch, so a little toy would be a great reward for these little helpers,” writes Sabina. Thanks to financial support from you all (it is quite impossible to help otherwise when Yemen is so far away) we can give people not only a daily portion of a warm lunch but also a little bit of joy.

12. 10. 2019

Let us introduce you to another member of our team working in Yemen, Mr. Mojahed Mohammed Al Bayadhi, helping cook. For the last 30 years, he has been working in restaurants. He has 12 children.

It is wonderful that we can allow him to take better care of his family. Every day, he, Sabina and her family are trying hard to get all the vegetables for cooking such as tomatoes, aubergine, peppers or onions, usually with rice on the side. It is tricky to get some chicken and provide more proteins in our food for our clients. We are trying to supplement the proteins with beans if they are available on the market. Many thanks for your help and support, and greetings to our team in Sanaa whom we cannot thank enough for the job they are doing.

10. 10. 2019

We would like to inform you about financing and funding in our project. In June, we have transferred 13 192 USD to Yemen, and an extra 750 USD was donated by Irena from the US. Sabina has started with 13 942 USD. 3 000 USD was used for the equipment of the kitchen and canteen, you can see that documented in our previous photos. We have saved 400 USD because of early purchased energies (gas). To this date, on the 10th of October 2019, we have 8 342 USD on our bank account. That will allow us to run the canteen for a maximum of the next 4 months. If the situation with Saudi Arabia does not worsen.

20. 9. 2019

Our clients, as you already know, are vulnerable people in need. Those are especially women and children. As we have promised, we will introduce you to them all. Today, meet Alia Abdullah Sharat. She comes from Zabeed, one of the eldest cities in Yemen, which is on the UNESCO Heritage List, today in ruins. Alia has 6 children, 3 girls, 3 boys. Her husband has died before the war even started.

7. 9. 2019

We are getting together stories of people whom we help together with you. Not everyone happy to have their photos taken, especially women. But mutual trust is slowly being built. “Women usually don’t want my husband or my sons to take a photo of them. I need to talk to them, the girl-to-girl chat is more comfortable for them. Some families only send their children to collect their daily lunch. However, we are now mainly focused on cooking, deliveries and having all the papers for the financial control in order. It is a new activity for all of us and everybody needs to familiarise themselves with it first, we need to get into the routine and once we get used to it we will have more time for other activities. But we are all very pleased with this project so far and I know we are on the right path. For now, my family and I spend every day in the kitchen from 9 AM. We prepare the lunch with our cook and by 1 PM everybody gets their portion. When everything gets cleaned and ready for the next day it is nearly 3 PM. We need to manage all this with other responsibilities we have, but nonetheless, it is incredibly fulfilling to be able to help others,” says moved and still slightly nervous Sabina about the first days after the canteen opening in her WhatsApp message.

5. 9. 2019

Can you imagine getting six servings of dumplings, gravy, and meat (traditional Czech dish) in a plastic bag? Well, maybe, if there’s no other way and if you’re hungry, getting the food is the only thing that matters.

But you can also choose a different perspective. Putting the aesthetics of a plastic bag aside, it is extremely unhealthy to eat warm food out of a plastic bag. It is also obvious that you wouldn’t use the plastic bag again. The waste that it creates even worsens everything that is already bad. Yemen is overwhelmed by plastic-bag clouds. Therefore, we have decided to include a little bit of environmental awareness in our project Pomůžu, jak můžu. Every registered client gets a set of 3 nestable food containers. The clients can take their portion only if they bring their food containers.

4. 9. 2019

Our dear friends, many of you have read a screenshot of Sabina’s WhatsApp messages from the first day in the canteen. We want to share them here as well. It is an authentic message that cannot be replaced by any transcription. It is full of gratitude that we cannot thank you enough for it.

4. 9. 2019

Today marks exactly a year since we have first met up and discussed how to support Sabina’s project of helping her neighbours in a hopeless situation, hungry, desperate people whos resources are close to zero. A project showing that despite everything else has failed, even the otherwise strong mechanisms of the world, there is still personal responsibility of us all, humanity and belief that each of us can help at least a little.

28. 8. 2019

This crucial message has been issued by Office of the resident coordinator and humanitarian coordinator for Yemen on the 21st of August 2019. You can find the original text of the report at this address.

It seems that the “big” scale help is crashing in Yemen and only a “small” help from one to another remains. We kindly ask you, we beg you, to help Sabina who needs our help to be able to give at least one plate of food a day to her neighbours in need.

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